Andres Vernazza has shared his restaurant marketing hot tips, that are working for restaurants right now.

He suggests you do one of these a week to get ahead of your competition….

1 – Create an Irresistible Offer.
The first step is to create an irresistible offer, but it has to be something that your customers would really like. Usually, giving them something for free works great… HOWEVER, there are two catches:

You can give them a coupon for free food, when they make a purchase (so you can offset the costs).and They have to give you their emails in exchange (and as a plus you can make them share/like your content)

Again… the OFFER has to be something that resonates with your target customers.

People is getting bombarded everyday by all types of marketers, so you need to grab their attention with something really good! We call it “attention grabber”

Andres suggests you think about your best-sellers… then create an IRRESISTIBLE way of giving it to your customers and potential customers. Andres will show us how to share that GREAT offer to people within your local area next.

2 – Promote your Offer and Restaurant using Social Media

This is the MOST confusing and UNDER-USED advertising tool says Andres.

FACT: Most people do not know how to advertise on social media… it is not about paying for ads to waste your money.

“You have to be smart, have a strategy in place to get a positive Return of Investment.”

Andres says when he often talks to clients, and they tell him: “my cousin does my social media, he is in College, and he understands those things” “I shake my head in disregard, because there are many levels of using social media as a business. To get a positive return of investment you have to be an experienced marketer, and know what you are doing… I’m sorry to tell you that a college kid is likely going to waste your time and money.”

Andres says that the good news is that, for a local business, it is so much easier to dominate the market for any city because it is a limited audience, explained in a minute… Andres says this means, that you can reach your entire audience for a specific amount, and that will reduce a lot your advertising budget giving you a higher ROI (return of investment), in a shorter time. Sounds Good!

Another tactic that Andres often uses is to add “Scarcity”. A great way to create “hurry” in prospects to sign up, is a countdown timer.

It Triggers the MUST NOT MISS OUT factor ….

What social media platform should restaurants be using I asked Andres.  Tweet This

“Now, when you promote your food business using social media, we really recommend you use FACEBOOK. In 2016, Facebook advertising platform took online marketing to an whole new level. Now you can laser target your audience and knock on their “online doors” to offer your products. Just remember that your ad has to contain less than 20% text, and that you have to reach your local customers. We recommend that you don’t cover more than 15 miles away from your business.”

Here is an example for Austin, Texas:

For these PAID ADVERTISING campaigns Andres recommends you to use the goal: CONVERSIONS. This means that your ad will optimise for website conversions.

3 – Build your local List of customers

Now that you are promoting the irresistible offer, we are getting a lot of emails from people in exchange of it. Andres suggests that at this point you have to segment your audience. “When they submit their information, you need to segment your list as much as possible. For example: what gender are they? what ages? what offers they like? All these details will give you better Open Rates, Click, etc… which means more sales.”

When you understand your list, you will be able to INCREASE YOUR REVENUE…

because you know exactly what they need, what they want, what their pain point are…

4. Build a Relationship with your email List 

Sounds obvious… but Andres agrees that most people don’t do this, and it can make a HUGE difference!

Here are Andres’s tips….

If you don’t have your own content to share with them, you can borrow other’s people content and send it to your list, just give them the credit.

For example: recipes, heath tips, deals, offers, events taking place in your town… etc

Or keep it simple and create a list of “10 weekly specials” and rotate them year round, sending them a quick email notification about this weekly special.

5 – Scale your Restaurant Marketing

So Andres says that now that you have a list of engaged customers, that are used to get your emails, you have to combine email marketing and social media ads to promote your restaurant.

As you have have a relationship with your list, and a great social media presence, its the time for you to send out weekly emails, and to boost your posts from your page to reach your audience.

Boosting will ensure you stay in front of your audience all the time… and you will see the your diner numbers going up. Tweet This



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