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Do you know exactly what impact your digital and social media marketing efforts have on your bottom line?

Are you struggling to map out how to get leads qualified through your social and website content? Do you get clear reports, showing clear ROI? 

OR….do you rely on luck, and a “this has always sort of worked approach? “

Perhaps its time to bring in an independent advisor that can help you map out where you are with your digital marketing, and what needs to be improved or created to achieve your sales/ business goals.

Digital Director


You may be thinking about taking on a traditional, full-time Digital or Social Media Marketing Manager working with you on site. This can be a good option, but perhaps you just aren’t sure of the skills required, or cant afford the right person at this moment.

Maybe you can afford someone, but you are scared to make the commitment to hire someone in on full salary, (with legal and HR implications) that may or may not work out.

How can you work with me? 

    • I can support you and your team with training sessions and strategy workshops.
    • I can act as your outsourced digital or social director, doing the big picture thinking and planning. And ensuring you get the reports you need.
    • You can hire me as a Consultant, for shorter campaigns, perhaps you have a big event coming up or you are launching a new product or service and need a digital or social strategy mapped out or kick started.

      How can I, as an Independent Digital Growth Advisor, help you solve your Digital and Social headaches. 

      Firstly, its less expensive to hire me as my remuneration is flexible, you only retain my services and pay for the time I am contracted to work. Part of that could be target driven.

      Eliminate the risk of paying for an employee that just doesn’t deliver and has to be paid regardless.

      You dont need to think about desk space, holiday pay, pensions or sick pay.

      I am always doing  ongoing professional training to keep up to date with  the changes in tools and trends, keeping my digital knowledge up to date. I pay for all this myself and of course bring it to my role so you and your team benefit.

      I care because I am self employed, and need to deliver to keep my customers happy, and ensure you get what you pay for – results! I will hit the ground running.

      I love to work with clients for the long term, and that means I am always thinking and researching new ideas to make sure that we get the results you need.

      If you dont have a marketing expert on your team, and you divide out the tasks to various people, I can consolidate the strategy and keep everyone focused on the big goals.

      I can also deal with your marketing suppliers, getting the reports and ensuring that we are all working to a clear strategy and defined KPI’s.

      A few other benefits I will bring to your business :

      • I will work to reduce unnecessary marketing spend
      • Produce reports that reflect the agreed goals and measurable results
      • Bring fresh thinking and ideas to your marketing and business.
      • Ensure you have a planned and very clearly defined marketing plan. no guessing if its working, but provide the data to support decisions.



      Working remotely (and with some team days when needed)  fulfilling the role of you Digital / Social Director. Like an outsourced accountant or a VA.

      I work with you to create a plan, and then ensure its delivered.

      I know some businesses prefer having someone in the office, you could use me as a stop gap and a way to help you develop a job spec and hire the right person to deliver the results you want.

      I bring years of experience, unlike a traditional Digital Marketer, I have worked for a very broad range of companies, across various industries and it means I have processes that bring clear and fresh thinking to the table.

      I have experience delivering, training, recruiting, dealing with a broad range of suppliers on projects.

      AND I have a black book of fantastic contacts that bring very proven specialised skills that can benefit your campaigns in the short or long term.


      Is the lack of a focused marketing plan costing you sales opportunities. Do you feel its all just a little muddled and you have a great team but the team and business would benefit from someone developing a plan of action with clear short, medium and long term steps.

      I am an expense so you need to be spending a percentage of your income on marketing and have plans for growth. You have tested your product or service offering and know there is a market for what you offer.

      You will have a sales process and understand current conversion rates. You have someone on your team that can help us with tasks and act as our point of contact.

      You want to develop your companies content strategy (you value content) and or develop a community around your offering.

      You know marketing is a process (taking up to 12 months to see predicable scaleable results) and don’t expect miracle results overnight. Its testing and measuring that leads to real results.


      If you think I could be a good fit, lets book in a free call.

Would you like us to get in touch to see if we can help?