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Always be helpful.

Our story

Make digital Work was started in 2014, providing training and strategies to businesses that wanted to have success with their social media marketing efforts.

We decided to focus on a niche in 2020 and we primarily work with Accounting Practices that provide services to businesses in their local area.

We work with these practices to ensure that they don’t waste time and money on marketing that doesn’t drive measurable business success.

Always be helpful drives everything we do, will that help our customers succeed, will it help you make money, will it help your customers love you more ….

That’s us, Helen and Greg, doing what we love when we aren’t working, spending time outdoors walking and travelling.

We became digital nomads in 2020. We work remotely, and seamlessly with our clients while we travel.

Helen has been in Social Media and Digital marketing since 2008, “ I love seeing my clients get excited about the campaigns we come up with and I really celebrate with them when they succeed”

Greg spent ten years in Advertising as a Copywriter; And then twenty plus years in Microsoft, Vodafone, IBM and Lloyds Bank in Software Test Management.  Greg now drives our Actionable Analytics service providing you with all the decision making data you’re likely to need.

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