Need a Digital or Social Director? Don't add headcount, hire expertise!

Most companies don’t have a clear digital plan with clear and measurable tracking in place.

Most companies dont really know which of their digital marketing activities bring the biggest return on investment. 

AND lets be honest, not measuring your marketing efforts is like burning cash. 

BUT, do you add someone to the team, or can I, as an Independent Virtual Director help solve your digital marketing headaches?


What do you need your marketing to achieve for your business right now?

Have you considered using a Chatbot to Increase Sales Conversions,Renewals and Retention Rates?

Bots are such a beautiful and effective piece of automation, and guess what, your audience LOVES using them. Think about it we all use messenger or whatsapp every day!

Messenger bots are a way of adding automation that can be used alongside your normal channels, to capture leads and communicate with customers where they spend time. We have loads of info and some examples for you to browse through… go have a look. 

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