Make your Digital Growth Plan Work.

More Leads? What’s the ROI?

There’s so much more you should be asking for.


Just for a moment imagine you’re about to build a brick and mortar store. Would you except your architect to know the ROI, or how many new customers will the future store attract? 

If you’re honest, you probably wouldn’t.

Architect drawings first; then Builder’s plan; then Tradesman’s plan; then build; then brand and stock, and in parallel start reaching out to your new customers.

Our experience is, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already made a success of the marketing of a traditional business, whether as the Owner or Marketing Director.

You understand the principles of Marketing Success, something like these 5 components of a successful marketing campaign outlined by American Express. We especially like Component 3: Concrete, measurable specifics:

“A good marketing plan is full of dates and details. Strategy probably drives a good plan, but tactics, programs and details make the difference. As much as possible, the plan has to tie results back to activities and come up with hard numbers to measure those results.”

If you agree with the above, hopefully your arms are not quite so crossed. Maybe you’re even starting to lean in a little.

The thing is you’ve now gone digital. It’s probably a bit of a new world, and it’s a bit uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable because there’s an inner voice asking you are you doing digital correctly? Does your strategy cover the full eight stage customer value journey? Are the metrics being reported to you the right metrics for each stage? And how do all of these metrics interweave  to provide you with your critical More Leads and ROI metrics.

In short, you’re not feeling you’re in total control of the digital effort.

If there’s an element of truth about this we’d love to have a conversation with you about our  repeatable, lead generating digital marketing system. It’s a system followed by over 10000 businesses worldwide.

If you’re serious about building and growing the digital side of your business,  whether from the ground up, or from a gap analysis audit and grow forward, we’d really like to show you how.

Click the image alongside for more about how we fit in with your team. There’s a free 15 min call to get the ball rolling too. Most often the calls last quite a bit longer. But that’s no problem at all.  

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If you’ve got great content and you know that you need to share it across all the relevant channels, then that’s all the more reason to start the conversation.


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