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wish you had someone to talk to about your digital growth plan?

Someone you know will always there to ensure that your digital spend and activity is producing real results?

“Hi, I’m Helen.


I run MakeDigitalWork.


If you recognise yourself in one of the scenarios below, I’d love to have a chat?”

Scenario 1: "I am the owner of a small Accountancy business"


“I invest in marketing and I have someone on the team that does our day to day marketing, and I outsource some of the digital tasks to various contractors.

It seems to be working, but I’m just not sure that what we are doing in our digital and social media marketing is all that effective.
I am assured that the results are good.

But are they?

What should I really monitor and track to make sure I get the best results.

No, we don’t have a very clear overall marketing strategy. It’s currently just about getting more leads and sales.

I mean what else would you expect from marketing?”


Scenario 2: "I'm the Marketing Manager of a great accounting business."


“I run a small busy team, looking after all aspects of marketing including social and digital.

I don’t like to admit it, but I haven’t got the time to keep up with all the changes happening.

I would really benefit from a monthly meeting where I can discuss some challenges and ideas and get some pointers.

I want to make sure we don’t get stale, I stay ahead of the changes and stay excited.”


Scenario 3: "I'm about to start my new accounting business."


“I have a marketing budget and know that marketing will be one of the best investments I make.

BUT I don’t know where to start.

I would love to have someone I trust to help me build out a clear plan, keep me on track, and ensure I set and achieve clear goals.”


Why I’d be delighted to help.

Here’s why you should hire me as your Independent Digital and Social Media Marketing Growth Advisor?

  • For your Digital and Social, I’ll work to help you clarify what you expect from your digital marketing effort.
  • If there’s a specific area, I’ll do research and make suggestions to help you achieve your goals.
  • I can help you identify talent gaps and help you hire the talent or find specialist contractors.
  • I can help you set up and interpret the various reports you get.
  • I can come up with creative campaign ideas or be a new set of eyes on campaigns you are running.
  • I can scale up and scale down as required.

Here’s what I bring to the table?

  • Over 15 years Digital Marketing experience.
  • Digital Marketer’s global, proven methodology. Being delivered by over 10 000 practitioners.
  • I’m a Certified Specialist in:
Customer Aquisition Analytics and Data
Customer Value Optimisation Content Marketing
Optimisation & Testing Email Marketing
Search Marketing Social and Community
Ecommerce Marketing  

Digital Marketer Specialists

  • Strategy and delivery leadership, in an advisory capacity, to help develop campaigns with clear and agreed goals and measures.
  • Analysis of the metrics to define the effectiveness of every element of the campaign.
  • Independence. Therefore no Agency or Service provider conflicts of interest.
  • Skilled in facilitating between existing agencies and suppliers to improve communication and delivery efficiency.
  • With my years of experience (in my past life) running a recruitment agency coupled with my very large network of contractors and recommended suppliers, I can find you the interim experts you need or I can help you create job roles and hire the talent you need.

We like working with Accountants, because they like working with us.

“I needed help with our overall marketing and contacted you.

After our very first meeting, I was convinced I wanted to work with you because you showed me that marketing was a science.

What I mean by that is I had this sort of stereotype of marketing that it was somehow all going to be about abstract arty stuff, and it was all a bit nebulous.

What I loved about what you presented was that this is a science. There is a logical process.

You didn’t say this time next week you’ll have a million followers, but you showed me a process. Explained what I could expect within the short term and in the longer term; how it fitted into my overall business, and you really managed my expectations.”

David Culley

CEO, Adept Accounting and Business Training.

We’d be delighted if you’d get in touch with us about our Digital Advisor Service.