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Creating content and not making the most of it?

Save time and generate more leads by repurposing content you’ve already created.

You’ll wish you knew about our Booster Bundles ages ago.

30 Day Blog Booster

You create the Blog. We create a Blog Pack for you to share over and over.

In the Blog 30 Day Bundle:

  • A Video from blog post (So important.)
  • 4 Social Media Posts with text and branded images (sized correctly for your required channels)
  • A LinkedIn presentation (Very effective)
  • A Story Post (to share across all channels.)
  • 2 x emails to promote the blog

30 Day Podcast Booster

You create a Podcast. We create a Podcast Bundle for you to share over and over.

In the Podcast 30 Day Bundle:

  • Two  teaser videos to share on social to promote the podcast.
  • Four Social Media posts with text and branded images (made for each channel)
  • A LinkedIn article to promote the topic of the podcast
  • An Instagram video or series of tweets.
  • A YouTube thumbnail
  • Two emails to promote the podcast.

30 Day Video Booster

You create the video. We re-purpose your video content for more leads and sales.

In the Video Re-Purpose Bundle:

  • Two teaser videos for social (sized for channel and with a CTA added.)
  • Four Social Media posts (text) written for that specific channel
  • A LinkedIn presentation.
  • A Blog post created from your video transcription.
  • A YouTube Thumbnail.
  • Two emails.

30 Day Webinar Booster

You host the Webinar. We create a Webinar Bundle full of shareable content for you to share, or us to share for you.

In the Webinar Bundle:

  • Three video teasers with subtitles.
  • Four Social Media posts with text and branded images.
  • A YouTube Thumbnail.
  • Two emails.
  • An Infographic or PDF as a download.

Here’s what you know:

  • You need to share your content in the right channel format… on the channels that your audience spends time actively engaged on.
  • You need to fish where the fish are – in the different channels – in their respective different content formats. And in a way that’s attractive to your audience on that channel
  • Each channel requires its own tone of voice, image sizing and ideal amount of text requirements. That means taking your key piece of content and breaking it into channel specific bites.
  • You need different headlines and changes in text, so you get the maximum amount of eyeballs seeing your message and clicking through to your main content.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Step 1. You create great content that intrigues, educates, empowers your readers. You clearly demonstrate the depth of your subject knowledge and how much you have to offer.
  • Step 2. You task us with re-purposing that piece of content into a hard-working 30 day Content bundle for you to easily share so your content organically finds a much wider audience, creates more traffic, and leads.
  • Step 3. We professionally explode your content, turning it into a planned  and targeted array ready for you to share across your chosen marketing channels.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • We follow our Make Digital Work tried and tested process to rework and repurpose your great content in a way that reflects and enhances your brand.
  • We do the creative thinking required.
  • We add: All the relevant copy; Calls to Action; And Branded images sized for channels.
  • Please note: This is a tailor-made service. We don’t automate or work to a rigid template.
  • In short, you create the key piece of content and we create the Content Ammunition you need to really get the sharing feedback loops churning.
  • And very importantly, it’ll be creative content that you will be proud to share.

“Yes, please Tell me more about the 30 Day Content Boosters.”

“Show me how they’re designed to attract more leads. And save a week’s worth of content creation time.”

To make your Content re-purposing even easier please see our 3 Booster add-ons.

Content Planner


Content Scheduler

Content Copywriting

Why our customers choose us.

 I consider Helen and her team, to be my most trusted and valuable partner. In our first outing 6 years ago she helped design a complete social media marketing programme that was custom built, deployed with staff training in 90 days which has now grown to be a major lead generation machine for our client.

Since then she been consistently delivering success across a wide variety of my clients. These projects cover a diverse range of markets from health software to data cabling and greentech services but because of Helen’s depth of understanding of how to build effective engagement she always delivers the goods with great value, plus a smile and good humour, especially when the pressure is on!


John Allard

CEO, Video News Factory