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ACCOUNTANTS, Looking for more local businesses as clients?

Introducing the MDW Digital Discovery and Planning Workshop (now on Zoom.)

If you want to get the best out of your social media and digital marketing process …

Why not implement an approach with a clear strategy, that ties back to your business overall sales and growth goals?

Obstacle Course Process

Here’s what our customers say about the Workshop.

“We have approached some very big marketing players about helping us to plan out a strategy that all links up, and gives the business a common marketing goal. Nobody has joined up the dots like Helen and given us a clear plan for the year that we can work on.”

Why the Discovery and Planning Workshop is critical to your business.

Let’s face it there is no end to new tools and new tactics when it comes to marketing your accounting practice online and with social media, and so often it can feel like we are wasting our precious time. 

But its never been more critical to have a good online presence and joined-up digital marketing proves that:

  • helps you build relationships with your potential and your existing customers, 
  • shows prospective customers why they should choose you,
  • and lets your customers know that you care about them. 



More kind words from our customers.

“I felt like someone had put a rocket ship up me after the workshop, so excited to implement what we discovered.” 


Fundraiser, British Heart Foundation

“Helen and Make Digital Work, have taken FitSpace from a standing start in terms of our social media activity, to a position where we now have and active, planned and exciting social media strategy.”

Mark Fish

CEO , Fitspace

“Helen worked with the team at ACCL to design a complete social media marketing content strategy, then it was custom built, deployed with staff training in 90 days which has now grown to be a major lead generation machine.”

John Allard


“In her workshops Helen backs up her expertise with real life examples that show the power of social media when it is used effectively. As well as being a real expert Helen is also great fun to be around and I would strongly recommend her workshops to anyone.”

Vanessa Beech

Director, Vanessa Beech PR

Discovery and Planning Workshop outline.

First you complete your Avatar using our FREE Avatar builder. Then we kick off the Workshop.

The Workshop is focussed on:

  • Uncovering your pain points.
  • Understanding what you do now to acquire your customers and keep them.
  • Then, for a quick win, we look at the area that isn’t working and focus on improving that first
  • Then we focus on the overall process. The longer term process is then established, while still focusing on priority areas.

Workshop Method.

We work through a very detailed 44 page workbook that:

  • Uncovers who exactly is your perfect customer and how do we find more of them?
  • Clarifies the message of your core offer that you want to market now.
  • We map out the stages in our customer obstacle course i.e. how do you attract an audience, turn them into leads, turn leads into prospects and then into customers?
  • Defines all of these terms (leads etc) and add measurable values to them?
  • Determines the content we need for each stage and how do plan out content.
  • Defines what we should measure to make sure its all working and how small increases in each marketing stage has an impact on ROI.
  • Looks at the powerhouse that is Google My Business. It’s ideal for companies looking for more local clients, but you need to have a plan in place to make the most of it and get generate leads from it.
  • Explores social media options and looks at your best channels.
  • Outlines how to create content for social media that drives your audience to engage with you and to take action.
  • Looks at landing pages best practice
  • Reviews your options for using Paid Advertising.
  • Looks at Search, and the factors you need to consider to keep the search engines happy when scrolling your site.
  • Outlines how email marketing fits into each stage, how to build your list, and best practices to create great emails that your readers want to open.
  • Finally, we look at the goals you should set that are specific and measurable and that tie into your overall business goals.


Some happy customers from the past 12 years. 

We’d be delighted if you’d like to get in touch with us about our Research and Discovery workshop.