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The “Obstacle Course”

Digital Marketing Method

Here’s how we see your digital marketing challenge.

And here’s how our

“Obstacle Course”

digital marketing method works.

Obstacle Course Process

There are 6 main steps to the method

(And we work closely with you every step of the way.)

  1. First, you create your unique, stand out attraction (ie. your offer,) and it’s targeted to a very specific audience.
  2. With the audience you’re looking for attracted, now you’ve got to convince them to stand in line to buy a ticket (i.e. lead magnet)
  3. Then, if your content is convincing enough, they buy a figurative ticket to your message.
  4. You continue to build trust and excitement and get them started on the challenge.
  5. You keep them motivated so they complete the challenge.
  6. Then, when it was such a great experience, they buy more tickets, the T-Shirt, and they tell all their friends.

That’s the method. We’d love to show you how it will work for you.



If you’re an Accountant and you’re looking to improve your Digital Marketing ROI, here’s why you should contact us.

“I needed help with our overall marketing and contacted you.

After our very first meeting, I was convinced I wanted to work with you because you showed me that marketing was a science.

What I mean by that is I had this sort of stereotype of marketing that it was somehow all going to be about abstract arty stuff, and it was all a bit nebulous.

What I loved about what you presented was that this is a science. There is a logical process.

You didn’t say this time next week you’ll have a million followers, but you showed me a process. Explained what I could expect within the short term and in the longer term; how it fitted into my overall business, and you really managed my expectations.”

David Culley

CEO, Adept Accounting and Business Training.

Would you like us to get in touch to see if we can help?