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I hear it all the time from businesses, yes even in 2017, “We are a B2B business our customers are not on Facebook.” Read on to discover Why Smart Businesses Won’t Ignore Facebook Ads…

Wow it boggles my brain, that businesses cannot get acquainted with the idea that each and every business is about one person talking to another person, not one business talking to another. [tweetthis]Business is one person talking to another person, not one business talking to another.[/tweetthis] It’s the sales manager that has targets to meet, the HR manager that has to retain the talent, the CEO trying to understand how Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve the business. These are all people with issues not businesses with a problem. Do you really know what your customer does online?

And people are on social, often not as the CEO, but as John the football fan, where he follows his team and stays up to date with his close circle of friends. Facebook is the only network I know that can drill down into his interests, behaviours and understand what to present to John that will interest him. So talking Artificial Intelligence on Facebook will catch his attention. Because you are the football fan, doesn’t mean you suddenly stop being a CEO. It means however you need to think about the way you talk to John on this powerful platform and I suggest it’s adding real value and building a relationship.

I found a few helpful articles that are worth a read about Facebook Advertising and your business in 2017.

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Hubspot discusses the reach of Facebook Ads and the various Ad types that can help you bring in leads and extend your sales cycle.


Tony Eades makes some great points about Facebook improving your focus.

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A great article showing you 50 great “B2B” Facebook ads that will inspire you…

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