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In the early years, websites were like a static brochure, a few pages that described services or products and some contact details. BUT this is not enough, we want to turn website traffic into leads.

Most companies priority when setting up a new website or redesigning an existing website was and still is, the look and feel of their new site.  There is no real thinking about how it can work for them, bringing in new leads and converting these leads into customers.

Some websites have progressed beyond this basic level, now including a blog, maybe even a video and links to social media profiles. This is all great but a static website just isn’t working hard for you.

Below we list 5 things which your website needs to do:

1 Is it collecting leads?

2 Does it take your customers on a journey – awareness, consideration, purchase, delight?

3 Is it clear what next step visitors should take on each page?

4 Do you know how many times a particular person has visited your site? Do you know what type of content they’re consuming?

5 Are you sending emails with targeted follow-up content, based on the way the person has interacted with your site?

If you didn’t answer yes to these 5 questions then you need a​ Lead Generation Funnel and turn website traffic into leads. Watch this video ​ ​WHAT IS A FUNNEL to find out more.

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