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I have seen loads of conversations in groups lately asking for a company that can provide an SEO service, get us to page one and keep us there! The truth is that there isn’t a quick fix, and we know it’s tightly tied with content, UX and social. With our clients, we’ve seen the biggest rises when we are advertising on social and writing regular content that’s based on research and engagement with your target market, so you know what they have challenges with and search for, then your content can address these issues.

Now SEO is an important practice, you don’t want to ignore it, but, it should not be a core strategy for traffic, especially if you’re hoping for quick results. We advise our clients that they get a full audit ( link to our audit offer page) that can drive good SEO practices, and they should monitor how each page performs, and buy paid traffic to make up the difference.

My top Search Engine Optimisation tip for you:

Research the top ranking links for keywords you want to rank for and see the articles that google thinks are relevant , then list out what’s missing from these articles that you can add, write an article that includes you creating similar content to the top articles (dont copy but use it to be inspired) and add the missing pieces you listed.

Then contact the sites that link to these articles and offer them your article as the most up to date and most in depth.

Give it a go, and let us know how you get on.

I found some great comments and tips in a couple of my groups that sum up some of the best SEO practices and tips:

“It’s (SEO) like insulation in a house. The insulation helps keep the temperature steady, but you spend money on heating and air conditioning (paid traffic) to achieve the specific temperature you want.”
“I’ve been doing SEO for 10 years now for various companies spanning from auto restoration shops to mechanical engineering, software companies and real estate brokerage firms. In 2016 alone my team’s work on SEO has generated over $120 millions in sales. So… that’s a 120 million YESes that SEO is quite alive.

Keyword stuffing, buying backlinks, spamming the life out of your audience… these things are definitely dead. Site quality build, proper navigation, optimized content for user intent, proper titles, metas and so on… these all work together in bringing you higher rankings and higher CTR.”

“SEO isn’t a quick route to success. It works for people that are in a niche for the long run. It’s for folks that have proper offers for products/services.”
“The only SEO that is usually easy to achieve results with is LOCAL Map SEO, taking about 60 days to reach the top.”
“SEO Services should be helping you get High Quality Backlinks along with building relationships with High Quality websites & other bloggers who can provide high quality links.”
“Build excellent content that keeps people on your pages at least 1300 words plus 2x a month minimum, you can track and measure time spent on pages.”
“Don’t forget (and so many do) use keywords in your H1 Tags”
“If I got a nickel every time I saw this question… ahhh, thinking of a yacht somewhere on the Bahamas… SEO is dead” so far has worked great to polarize people and get the one throwing in the statement immediate attention, sometimes for good, sometimes they’d get ridiculed off the stage.”
“The SEO field has cleared out over the years as folks that are in it for a quick buck have switched to traffic tactics that have more immediate results where it’s a lot easier to make a case for revenue per dollars spent. SEO is now part of any serious web build, part of any serious branding strategy, an indispensable part of any content and social strategy”.
“SEO isn’t a quick route to success. It works for people that are in a niche for the long run. It’s for folks that have proper offers for products/services.”
“You can also rank Super High Quality Content 2,000-8,000 words long for low searched 100-300 searches per month keywords with quality of content along with a few High Page Authority links and social signals aka shares.I would never pay anyone for On-Page SEO. If you have a wordpress website, just downloading the YOAST SEO plugin and following its guide takes care of ON-Page SEO.”
“Its great to try and rank with good Video content : SEO tips -use a strong (500 words) and longer description add tags.”
“Develop relationships with sites that talk to your audience and try and get backlinks from the authority sites, and remember to build relationships with these brands.”