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On-boarding and converting SAAS Trials with our 6 Step Automated Messenger Process. 


The Welcome Message

This is the very first interaction that a user will have with your Bot, so make it memorable, friendly and helpful. Introduce the Bot (give it a name) say what they can expect to be delivered via messenger, why its going to help them (help them commit) and a vital step…how to unsubscribe. Then you want to start a conversation so ask them a question, for example “What challenge do they hope to achieve using your software?”

The Default Menu

These are a few buttons that appear in the messenger bot at the bottom, giving users links – whaty pages do new visitors search for most on your site, what questions do they ask the first time etc. Its also a great place to highlight an offer, a free download etc. Options for buttons can include:

  • Support (vital so users can quickly talk to a human on the team when needed)
  • Product info pages.
  • Testimonials on your site.
  • FAQ’s
  • Pricing
  • Offers and Free Downloads
  • Podcast, You Tube Channel etc



As people start their trial you can send them training. from getting set up to advanced options, remember aim all the training at people that dont have a clue, the advanced users can skip the steps if required, but it means nobody will feel stupid or frustrated, and go to your competition. Map out the training, send a short message highlighting what they will learn, and link it to a video on your site, YouTube or Vimeo.


Deliver a Case Study

You want to pick a case study of a client that has achieved great results with your product/ software. Start by sharing real numbers, e.g see how X achieved X in the first 6 months… I understand your frustrations, X had them, but we did x with them, and they have seen x happen. Ideally a link to a video with you talking to the client about their success.


Tips and Tricks

You know your software so well, but what customisation makes it zing that new users won’t know, shortcuts, plug-ins, share these over a few messages and days.A few quick wins at this stage will really impress – and getting them to integrate or try with a third party app, helps them invest in your product.


Make an Offer

Time to make an offer, A VERY SPECIFIC OFFER, Not a buy now message. As they use the messenger Bot you can track people with actions and keywords, so if people miss steps they get reminders and get ready to hear your offer. Make an offer that is specific and time sensitive: Buy this week and get 12 months for the price of 9 months, buy and come to our closed user event in December, buy at 2015 prices etc. If they are interested you set it up so they can book a call with sales via a booking calendar that you integrate, you can get sales to call them immediately  …or even give them the option to pay right there in messenger. Remember to highlight the things that your software has helped them with during the trial, and the success metrics they can expect going forward (share some real stats)


Celebrate or Learn

When people buy take to a flow to say congratulations, and tell them why they made a great decision (helping to mitigate buyers remorse) …. And take them to a new flow to get the most from the software and have them join a closed group of peers for support and networking. If they decide not to buy, you want to take the opportunity to learn why?  Send them a message and ask them if they wouldn’t mind giving you a reason why they decided that your software wasn’t for them right now, tell them you like to learn and improve your offer and product, and their answers will really help. You could invite them to an open group you run.

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