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A leading Experience Design Company targeting the Blue Chip CEO’s, Government organisations and the large  for profits, to help them improve their customer experience through design and technology. 

Our remit

  • To build a qualified and engaged audience
  • To drive traffic to the Uscreates website & assets
  • To create and build brand awareness
  • To transition prospects to the first part of the customer journey. 
  • To segment our audience for targeted campaigns

What we did in the first quarter

  • Worked with the marketing team to build a strategy  to drive people to sign up for the offline events. 
  • Completed an audit of content to find content suited to each stage of the customer journey. 
  • Set up and managed the Facebook campaigns to target their audiences. 
  • Built a large sized “phase 1” audience for initial targeting and re-targeting ad campaigns. 
  • Published targeted campaigns driving traffic to blog and video content so we could segment the audience. 
  •  Set up their adwords campaigns on Google.
  • Completyed two video reports and held a Lunch update for the company to update on the key wins and suggestions to improve. 



  1. 42 new registrations to 2 events at less that £0.90 per registration.

    2. 1610 people moved from Facebook campaigns to Website, 29% of new website traffic coming through Facebook. 


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