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Today we look at a great activity to help build your audience. The idea is simply to drive Facebook traffic from your Facebook Profile to your Facebook page.

Sure, it’ll mean you need to do a little work and maybe spend a little to build your audience, but it’ll be well worthwhile.

Facebook pages are, in my opinion, a very underused and misunderstood tool that Facebook provides to businesses. Mainly because they don’t get massive amounts of organic reach.

So many of us struggle with creative and effective ways to drive traffic from our personal profile to our facebook page – and so many experts say that pages are a waste of time, but this lovely system allows you to create great daily content on your page and bring in new page followers and fans.

Let’s start though with a few reminders about Facebook; Knowing your Audience; Networking and Interacting.
  1. Facebook really is a huuuuge opportunity. It’s audience is over 2.5 Billion.
  2. So within that audience you need to target your own audience effectively. Your first step to really knowing your audience, to know their hopes, fears and dreams, is to take the time to build your perfect customer Avatar. It’s free, and a significant asset that you can create for yourself and reference when you’re looking to develop your messaging.
  3. Flex your Networking muscles.

Here’s a powerful tip to amp up your networking:

  • It’s really interesting how so many marketers just don’t get this. Step back a moment, and consider changing the way you think about Social to the way you think about offline networking. You attend events and get your name out there. Well, it’s the same on Facebook.You need to find and attend Facebook events in Facebook Groups and relevant Facebook pages where your ideal audience/Avatar spends their time.
  • Look on Facebook pages for the most active fans that are your potential clients, visit their profiles and comment (real comments please) on their posts – they will get notified each time you do.
  • Ideally do this at least 4 times over a couple of days… and they are likely to send you a friend invite and ..
  • They’re also like to check YOUR PROFILE. I have a great Facebook workbook to really Optimise your Facebook Profile, so you present yourself as professionally as possible.

Which leads us neatly back to “How to drive Facebook traffic from your Facebook profile to your Facebook page.”

The mechanism is to create an Event aimed at your Ideal Customer.

(I didn’t mention above but my Free Lockdown series has 4 videos that walk you through the building your Ideal Customer/Avatar.)

The Event could maybe be a workshop with a clear start and finish date. And, for example, you could do a live video for the same time each day for the duration of the event. Most importantly, whatever you decide to do in your event it must really (and I mean really) add value.

A great tip I picked up is – make sure that you share your BEST content on the first day. Right at the beginning is generally the time that most people tune in and are most likely to share your content.

Here’s how to make it happen.

1. Create an event on your Facebook page.

1. Create an event on your Facebook page

Once you create it, it will automatically be shared on your page…

The event will automatically be shared on your page...

2. The next thing you want to do is set yourself (your profile) up as a co-host and add some text in the event post on your page that tags your personal profile.

Set yourself (your profile) up as a co-host.

3. Now that’s done go ahead and share the event on  your personal profile.

Sharing the event on your personal Profile is how you start to drive Facebook traffic to your Page..

Once it’s on your profile invite your friends to attend the event. Remember to aim it at your ideal audience, and it must be an interesting event. It can’t be salesey.

Now, anyone that’s interested or attending will get notified when anything is added to the event.

Keep your content valuable and interesting (we explore some ideas and show you how to do research in our Digital Strategy Workshop.)

So, in summary, to help you build your audience and drive Facebook traffic from your Profile to your Page …
  • Create a live video on the day of the event from your profile.
  • Share that live video into your event.
  • This means your live video appears in a few places, your event, your page and in your profile.
  • Once the live video is loaded – it’s really worth boosting it with a small amount of money so it gets seen by a wider audience.

A little boost will help drive Facebook traffic to your page.


From myself, and the team at MakeDigitalWork, I hope you found this helpful.