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In just 15 minutes per day, learn how to acquire more leads and customers with a structured, planned and pragmatic Digital Marketing Strategy.

Over the last 12 years I’ve had the pleasure of helping individual entrepreneurs, small businesses and companies with their digital and social media marketing strategies.

So I’m putting together this Free Workshop Series to share answers with you to the kind of questions and expectations I hear time and again.

Like my clients, I expect you would like to acquire more leads and customers.

Maybe you know that online marketing is important, but tend to be a little ad hoc in your approach, and would like a more joined up and planned digital marketing strategy.

Maybe you want to learn how to start with digital marketing.

Maybe you want to learn how to measure your online marketing’s success.

It might even be that you just really want to up-skill, so you can add value in your current workplace and create job security.

If you join us each day for just 15 minutes, I really believe you’ll come out of lock-down with a plan of action and a positive mindset, ready to market yourself or the business you work for.

Thanks again for joining. See you and chat to you through the series.

As we're in Lock-Down for a while, let's turn this down-time into really productive time.