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Social media is the street corner. When I was young, we met up with our friends and hung out on street corners (much to the annoyance of the people that had the misfortune to live at the corner house) or at the local corner shop where we would spend our pocket money on sweets. What did we do? We talked; we laughed; we had fun. It’s really no difference to what happens online nowadays.

Social media is the place where people like to hang out and chat. They find out what’s new, what offers are available and browse for things to buy. Tweet This

Why is social media good for business?

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It is the way to have conversations with customers (and potential new customers) and build relationships in a world that predominantly operates online. Through social media you can:

  • Tell people who you are and what products or services you offer
  • Engage and interact
  • Show people your personality
  • Offer help and advice
  • Share industry knowledge

We know small business owners don’t feel like they see a good enough return on their investment in social media. This can be really frustrating for us because we know that social media does have a positive impact – we have seen it happen for the clients that we work with.

It gets us thinking about why this is and what we can do to help educate those who aren’t seeing an increase in sales.

Why is social media important to drive sales?

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Drives traffic to your website / blog / sales page

You get noticed and Google likes this because it improves your SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking because more people are looking at your content.

Connects your products with customers who are looking

By monitoring the conversations, using a few keywords specific to your business, you can join the conversation and highlight the products and services you offer.

Helps customers to find you

When you are active on social media, you’ll be amazed who finds your business and buys from you.

Helps build relationships with new and existing customers

Interaction, engagement and conversation are all key elements of communication. People like to communicate and social media facilitates that online.

Gives instant feedback

You can tell very quickly what’s working and what’s not and make changes as you go.

Offers advertising opportunities

Targeting and retargeting on social media using paid advertising is an increasingly effective way of connecting with the right people and increases sales. And you don’t have to spend much to get impressive results either!

Reputation management

Many people turn to social media to complement and complain. If you’re not there you can’t respond and in today’s world that’s vital.

Customer service

Social media allows you to provide quick, friendly responses to questions and queries. This helps to build a positive reputation and customers will be more likely to buy from you.