Social networking is inherent among young adults so how do you future-proof your social media marketing?

Today, it is an abnormality if you don’t utilise at least one of the popular social media sites, as they have become an innate form of communication. Tweet This

They are a way in which we can stay in touch with our friends, source information, fuel our interests, and document our lives. Social media is, quite literally, our right-hand man and we would be totally lost without it. Consequently, the platform is a vital marketing tool for your business in targeting the younger generation, as you have the majority of the demographic at your fingertips.

It goes without saying that in order for your social media sites to be a success, you need to know how to execute them correctly. To appeal to my generation, you must remember that social media is not a traditional marketing tool. You need to adapt to the more revolutionary methods in-keeping with its incremental evolution, where advertising is a no-go. I don’t want to follow a business that spams my newsfeed with promotional content that is quite frankly, uninteresting. My finger would immediately navigate towards the ‘unfollow’ button, where I would be sure to remove the offensive content! Social media is not a direct marketing tool, but an opportunity to create an online presence, where you can build and engage with your customer community.

You must establish a bond between your brand and your customers, which will culminate in their loyalty.

You have to remember that social networking is a two way conversation, and that you must listen and respond. This in turn, will prove your authenticity as you adopt a friendly and ‘real’ voice.

It is important that you place your products and services in a real-life context. If you drop your brand down to our level, then we can share human experiences and relate to you and your products. This leads to engagement, which is key to a successful media site. Keep your content humorous, provide us with valuable insights, or an interesting ‘how-to guide’. This will keep your readership interested, and gain you followers. Tweet This

In turn, we will relay our ‘real’ experience of your products, brand, and services. This genuine and raw response, where we hear the customers’ voice and not yours, is invaluable to the promotion of your business.

If you tell me how amazing you and your products are, I’m not interested, but if my friend does, then I’m all ears.

Recently, the social media site that has been rising in popularity is Instagram. This is my favourite media platform, as I find its visuals and low informative nature very appealing. A single post consists of a picture and a caption, leaving no room for brands to go on and on about their products and services. It is simple and effective, and the picture-based newsfeed makes it easy to scroll through whenever you have a spare minute. Additionally, unlike Facebook, Instagram is primarily a mobile platform. Mobiles are becoming the preferred and most efficient way of accessing the web, making Instagram’s increasing popularity inevitable.

So for those looking to build and improve their social media presences, Instagram may well be the best place to start.