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That term, being human, what on earth does it mean? How can you be more human when creating content?

Well it simply means (in my opinion anyway) being someone that inspires your readers and shows you care. [tweetthis]Be someone that inspires your readers and shows you care.[/tweetthis]

Why does it matter… well most of the content thats consumed is on SOCIAL MEDIA … the word social says it all, its about people connecting with people.

4 Ideas to inspire your readers

Think Holidays

Don’t ignore the holidays, send out wishes and messages to your readers instead.

Share an experience

It can be something not related to your business, but something your audience can relate to. It could be about someone that inspired you, or made you look at a situation through different eyes.

Show people behind the scenes

Tell them about what goes on in your company, videos or picture stories of staff, how you get new business (the process), perhaps a talk about your company values and how you came up with them, and live up to them.

A great article on this https://www.helpscout.net/blog/behind-the-scenes/…

Get angry 

Tell people a bit more about yourself by talking about something that frustrates you about your industry, or related to your industry. But of course don’t be insulting or use bad language .. just let off steam. Do you use any of these ideas when creating content.

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