I know what its like, you scratch your head thinking, what on earth should I create a blog about this week, what can I share in an email that will be interesting? Here are just 30 blog ideas for you to use for inspiration. Tweet This


1. You have a new Facebook cover.

2. New product added.

3. New blog post is published.

4. New guest post that you have published somewhere else.

5. You’re going to be away so want to let everyone know.

6. You went to an event and you can tell people what you learned at an event .

7. How you’re implementing what you learned at an event or at a course.

8. A great one that people love….  customer success story.

9. A customer question, or an FAQ with an answer.

10. What mistake have you made that people to learn from?

11. A mistake someone (could be a customer) made, how you fixed it, or would correct it.

12. Tell them about a new tool you just tried.

13. Dispelling a myth about your market.

14. A demonstration of one way to use your products or services.

15. Tell people about a new contest you’re running.

16. Once it’s over ….The results of a contest.

17. Ask people for feedback.

18. Then share the results of the feedback.

19. Top 5 FAQs and their answers.

20. Something you read about and learned from in a new book.

21. Freebies you’ve found, these can be ideally from partners or affiliates.

22. List some of the resources you’ve been using lately and why you like them.

23. Talk about your value proposition or mission.

24. Tell them about the changes you’re making in your business and why.

25. Something you learned from your mentor or coach that they will learn from.

26. A video you just made, could be sharing any of the above.

27. A step by step with screenshots on How to do something.

28. Why not follow-up to something you sent before, an update on it or new angle.

29. A report that combines a blog post series you wrote, there are some good tools for this.

30. Curated content – a list of links to industry and relevant news items you have read.

Without a strategy content production can be a waste of time. Read Say Goodbye To Content That’s Never Read


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