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Improved Revenue & Customer Service with Hotel Chat Bots

Proactively engage in a conversation with every customer, talk to the people browsing so you can help them overcome any doubts about booking your rooms, welcome guests as they arrive, help guests with questions about the hotel facilities (they can even book and pay in the bot) and local area and then send them a note once they leave.

A 24 Hour, 7 day a week service so guests can talk to you on a channel they love at a time that suits them.

Try our 24 Hour Concierge Chatbot Service

Use your Chatbot to answer those frequently asked questions like “what time is breakfast”, or to assist with everyday interactions,from booking a room, reservations in your spa, room requests, and asking for reviews.

Easy to make Booking with a Chatbot

Guests want an easy way to see and book rooms, conference spaces or tables, use a bot that works 24 hours a day, so people can book at a time that really suits them.  See our demo in action.