ACCL:  Leading Data Cabling Company in the UK

Lead Generation Campaign

We were tasked to find and attract new subscribers to a video channel and turn them into clients. The target clients were companies that required large scale data cabling contracts in the UK . 

We held a few stategy sessions with the team deciding on, and building out a dedicated video news channel (Data Cable Expert) with our client as the main sponsor.

We researched the biggest search terms around data cabling and then created videos around these questions and subjects. We interviewed leaders in the industry and did breaking news pieces.

We then created a comprehensive content plan, a social media strategy and the social media posts to promote the channel and get people signed up. 

We created a PR Campaign and a sponsorship programme to find other companies in the data cable industry that wanted to sponsor the channel.  

Supplied on-going support and training to the team at ACCL. 

Planned, designed, built and launched the channels all in just 60 days. ROI of 150% in 90 days. 


Within the first 90 days after a spend of £25K, they generated over 100,000 in revenue.

ROI of 150%

Gained 3 new channel sponsors, free PR and advertising from a major industry publisher.

I consider Helen and her team, to be my most trusted and valuable partner. In our first outing 18 months ago she helped design a complete social media marketing programme that was custom built, deployed with staff training in 90 days which has now grown to be a major lead generation machine for our client. Since then she been consistently delivering success across a wide variety of my clients. These projects cover a diverse range of markets from health software to data cabling and greentech services but because of Helen’s depth of understanding of how to build effective engagement she always delivers the goods with great value, plus a smile and good humour, especially when the pressure is on!

“Its been great working with Helen and seeing how she has been driving traffic through Twitter and LinkedIn to the website we have developed for our joint client ( I have been amazed at how many people are now following and talking about DataCablingExpert on social media and its all down to Helen!!”

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