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There are real advantages to repurposing your content.

By repurposing your content into different mediums, like text, video, audio and images, you’re immediately making your content available to completely new audiences.

As you know from your own personal experience, you don’t like to only consume content in the same format.

To get your message to sink in it needs to be seen around 7 times. So by repurposing and sending it out more often, you benefit from the power of repetition to really help your message to cut through.

This will also help raise your status as an expert. If you are talking about a topic often, and in different formats across channels – people will start to regard you as someone who really knows their stuff.


Here’s how to breathe new life into your evergreen content.
    1. Review your legacy blogs, webinars and videos: You could even haul them out of your archive.
    2. Add new value to them: Add new, up to date info and maybe new data.
    3. Take a literary ax to the content and chop it up into bite size, channel relevant gems: Then share across social.
Get two great pdf’s to flex your repurposing muscles.

I have two pdfs that will immediately help you to repurpose your blogs and videos.

    1. How to repurpose a Blog.
    2. How to repurpose a Video.

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