Let’s imagine you arrive at a party, it’s thronging with people, people you would love to get to know and be friends with.

You take a deep breath, walk in mooch over to a small group that looks open and inviting, they are having what looks like an animated discussion…. 

Brilliant you think, and you join the circle speaking loudly at the group about something you just know they are going to love, I mean it’s such an interesting topic and you have rehearsed your lines so well, they are going to love you and want to be your friend. 

BUT … they all look a little shell shocked, some nod just to make you happy, but move away as quickly as they can, hoping to goodness that you dont follow. 

Tweet This

We feel that what we want our customers to hear from us is what they want to listen to.

We dont just join a group or conversation on social, and just listen to what’s being said, perhaps ask interesting question, but we we seem to talk at people, thinking if we say something clever everyone will engage. 

Then wonder why people never ever talk to us on social. 

We blame the algorithm, we blame the quality of the people on the channel, we blame everything BUT we dont think, perhaps what I have to say just isn’t interesting to x audience. 

Try listening on social, uncover the topics and questions that get people talking (the people you want to engage with) .. and here are a few tools to help. 

Pulse allows you to ask questions, create polls and read questions and answers.


Answer the public … look at what your target audience is searching for. 


Google trends, look at what is trending on google search and use it to create content. 


Buzzsumo allows you see the blogs that are popular 


Talkwalker allows you to listen to brand mentions, sending you alerts when they are. 


Use Feedly to organise feeds arounds topics that interest you and your customers. 


Quora is a great platform to ask questions and listen /connect with people who contribute unique insights and answers.


Reddit is broken up into more than a million communities known as “subreddits,” each of which covers a different topic, and some of these are very special, allowing you to drill down into topics. 


SEMRush and UberSuggest great tools to link to analytics and drill down into search terms. 



Have you tried these, or do you have some tools you favour or some tips to share with us? 


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