I think we all know by now that if its not planned its not done.

Yet I am always astounded at the amount of businesses that still have reactive social media. I am talking big and small businesses that “suddenly” realise they have a new blog post that needs to be shared, they have an event coming up that they need to share on social etc

I wonder why?

Is it because we dont know where to start planning our content – after all its the magic vital ingredient in running a GOOD social media campaign.

So with that in mind I hope this plan to create a social media content plan will help.

Here’s a few slides to take you through the process of creating a social media content plan, so you dont post randomly, without clear goals and you have some idea about measuring what works.

WHY :what business goal am I hoping to achieve.

WHO : who am I trying to connect with on social.

WHAT: What content should we share.

PROCESS : Who will do what by when?



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