"I produce Great Content, but don't share it enough "

Do you work hard to produce content, just to see it gather dust.

Let us turn that one great piece into loads of creative content bites so that you can share it across social and email campaigns.

So it gets seen, you get more website visitors and you get more leads.

It may surprise you how many content creators just like you, spend their time producing important and engaging content, never to amplify it. 


You add the content to your blog or channel and then ….. you may share it once, and never go on to share it again.

As a result, we’re all losing out.

You as a content creator lose traffic and leads.

And the rest of us remain unaware of your deep insights because you haven’t put your content in front of us.

Are you are a regular content creator?

By which I mean you regularly:

  • Create new blogs?
  • Record and edit new podcasts, or videos?
  • Host regular events or webinars


It’s proven to be one of the best ways to shorten a sales cycle, create trust and get you to be seen as an expert by your potential customers.




If not, lets have a look at a few reasons why?

You need to share your content in the right channel format… on the channels that your audience spends time actively engaged on..

Each channel has its own tone of voice, image sizing and ideal amount of text requirements.

That means taking your key piece of content and breaking it into channel specific bites.

With different headlines and changes in text, so you get the maximum amount of eyeballs seeing your message and clicking through to your main content.

It’s been said “Build it once and they will come.”

Well frankly, that’s just not true.

What is true is getting your content seen by the right people at the right time is a bit like fishing.

You need to go where the fish are – in the different channels – in their respective different content formats.

And in a way that’s attractive to your audience on that channel

Maybe now you’re saying,

Yes, this makes complete sense, but you have limited time.

You need to prioritise where to best spend your time and what skills we need to learn.


my team is so busy that we tend to ignore, or do content re-purposing badly.”

It’s completely understandable

And naturally WE CAN HELP.


We take your piece of content and turn it into an array of content that is designed for you to share across your chosen marketing channels.

Nothing we do is automated or done to a rigid template.

We follow our Make Digital Work tried and tested process and create content that reflects your brand.


It’s creative content that you will be proud to share.

You create the key pieces and we will make sure that it gets seen.


How Do We Help?

We create content bites from your key content as below:

You write great blogs that intrigue, educate, empower your readers. You clearly demonstrate the depth of your subject knowledge and how much you have to offer. 

Then task us with re-purposing it into content for you to share (or for us to share for you) so your blog organically finds a much wider audience.

We’ll help you create:

  • 1 x  video from blog post (so important) 

We’ll create: (and post if you would like us to)

  • 4 x Social Media posts with text and branded images (sized correctly for your required channels)
  • 1 x LinkedIn presentation (very effective)
  • 1 x Instagram story
  • 2 x emails to promote the blog

We adapt the above to suit the channels you use in your business.

We add:

  • all the relevant copy
  • #’s
  • calls to action
  • branded images
  • and all correctly sized for channels. 


You create the podcast we turn it into content to share every month:

2x  Teaser videos to share on social to promote the podcast. 
4x Social Media posts with text and branded images (made for each channel)
1 x Linked in article to promote the topic of the podcast 
1x Instagram video/ series of tweets. 

1x You Tube thumbnail 

2 x emails to promote the podcast 

All the relevant copy, Call to actions and images branded and sized for channels. 

Lets Re purpose your video content for more leads and sales.

2 x teaser videos for social (sized for channel and with a CTA added)
4 x social media posts (text) written for that specific channel.
1 x LinkedIn presentaion
1x Blog post created from video transcription

1x You Tube Thumbnail
2x emails


You’ve presented. It’s was a great success. You’ve also had the foresight to video of the presentation. 

Now it’s time to let us help you amplify your video content and get more views.

We’ll help you create:

  • 4 x  Short videos from the talk with subtitles.
  • 4 x Social Media posts with text and branded images (made for each channel)
  • 1 x Audio clip from the video. 
  • 1 x Blog from the talk.
  • 1 x You Tube Thumbnail
  • 2 x emails 

The posts and videos can be shared again, and again, ensuring that your talk lives on for weeks, months and maybe even years after its delivery.

We’ll also create:

  • All the relevant copy,
  • The calls to action.
  • Branded images.
  • And all images will be correctly sized for the relevant channels. 



You host the webinar turn it into content to share every month:

3x  video teasers with subtitles 
4x Social Media posts with text and branded images 
1 x You Tube Thumbnail 
2 x emails

1x Infographic or PDF as a download. 

Make sure the webinar is seen by a much bigger audience.

All the relevant copy, Call to actions and images branded and sized for channels. 

Events are some of the best ways to connect with people, but often companies spend money putting them on and never see the content oppertunities they present. :

1x LinkedIn presentation  
2x Social Media pre event and 2 posts after the event with text and branded images (made for each channel)
1 x LinkedIn article post event. 
2 x emails to promote event 1x post event.

All the relevant copy, Call to actions and images branded and sized for channels. 

Prices start at £300.00 a month, but contact us to get your quote smile


Develop Content Plans

To ensure you create and amplify great content, you need to have ideas and a clear plan about creating and excuting those ideas. We can help you identify content gaps in your sales and customer care processes and help you with content ideas to plug them.

Write Long Form Content

Blogs, articles for social and various content sites, we will write to match your brand voice and create articles that add real value.

We will publish the articles to the various channels for you. 

Schedule Content

‘Sometimes its the scheduling of content to go out at various times across channels that’s seems to hold up the amplification. We will use our social media scheduler to schedule your content to various social channels at agreed times. 

Lets see if we can help?


Lets see if we can make your content amplification and sharing headaches go away.

We cant work with everyone, and nor can you, so lets jump on a call, discuss your specific challenges and see if we are the right fit for you.




 I consider Helen and her team, to be my most trusted and valuable partner. In our first outing 6 years ago she helped design a complete social media marketing programme that was custom built, deployed with staff training in 90 days which has now grown to be a major lead generation machine for our client.

Since then she been consistently delivering success across a wide variety of my clients. These projects cover a diverse range of markets from health software to data cabling and greentech services but because of Helen’s depth of understanding of how to build effective engagement she always delivers the goods with great value, plus a smile and good humour, especially when the pressure is on!


John Allard

CEO, Video News Factory