What do you need now?

Have a quick read of systems we can design for you.

Bulk Lead Acquisition

Ideal when launching into a new market and want to create brand awareness and  awareness of the problem(s).

This system is all about growing custom audience lists and email lists so your company increases the number of people you can reach with offers.

How do we define success? It’s positive growth in the email list and audiences.

Metrics include: increased downloads, CTC, growth in custom audiences.

Risk: is the time it takes to breakeven. (Less cost of build, traffic, service etc).


Free Trial Or Demo

Targeting leads with an offer to grow subscriptions, sending out invitations to a warm audience, (know you & know they have a problem) for a Free or 30 day low dollar trial.

Invites work to create intrigue and it mitigates risk for the invitees.

How do we define success: The conversion of warm leads to subscribers – aim for 45% and more.

Metrics Include: Increase in visits to the target pages, open rates, retargeting growth and conversions.

Risk: Need to track the conversion rates from trial to full customers -takes time, understand the leads that convert best into customers (come from where?) and breakeven will be between 40 and 90 days.

Building Trust And Authority

A system to market to a warm leads, providing great value and education to potential customers up front.

Build out a 4 -6 week mini course that will help them solve a very specific problem, excite and warm them up for an offer.

An ideal marketing campaign to run with a Joint Venture Partner thats talking to your audience but isn’t in direct competition.

How do we define success: How many people watch all the video content (that’s the real focus)

Metrics: Conversions from lead to content, content to take up offer.

Risk: The time it takes for content to be consumed and follow up emails read. (Breakeven at about 60 to 90 days.)

Cross and Upsell (Remarket to List)

An ideal example of this is a live event or added service that is marketed to warm leads on your list and to existing customers, the goals.

  • To monetize your leads and customers
  • Turn customers into multi-buyers
  • Build loyalty and build communities (value add)

How do we Measure success? Positive ROI as quickly as possible

Metrics: Visits to offer page, conversions, cost per acquisition, growth in lists and remarketing lists

Risk : Low risk as out to warm audiences and ROI should be achieved within 30 days.